Day 1 : Workout Details


Workout Details

We will continue (or begin; welcome to the LB6 Community if you are new!) our journey through the Fundamental Human Movements:

  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Squat
  4. Hinge
  5. Loaded Carry

You will now be exploring all five movements each training session. Your mastery of each is increasing and the reps and weights will start to rise. Let’s get started!

Today, you will super-set one of the Fundamental Human Movements with corrective exercises.

You will complete three rounds of the following sequence. The Row is the focus movement.

  • Select a Light weight for the first set of 10 (something you could complete 15 reps with comfortably. This could mean changing your foot position if you are using a suspension trainer for your rows.)
  • Select a Medium weight for the second set of 5 (something you could complete 8 reps with comfortable).
  • Select a Heavy weight for the final set of 10 (this should be about a 10 rep max. Don’t worry if you are off by a rep or two).

This Light, Medium, Heavy format will play out on all the focus movements. Let’s take a look at how this works:

  1. Row x 10 (first round)- x 5 (second round)- x 10 (third round. Remember this is the hard effort.)
  2. Birddog (right and left side)
  3. Curl x 10 (these stay at 10 reps through all three rounds)

Repeat the sequence for three total rounds.

We will repeat the protocol, this time with the Squat as the focus movement. The first set of Squats is with a light weight, the second with a medium weight, and the final set is all out. If you do not have access to different weights or if you are doing the Doorknob Drill you can simply focus on raising the reps. So, the last set may be up to twenty reps for example .

  1. Goblet Squat/Doorknob Drill x 10 (Light), x 5 (Medium), x 10 (Heavy)
  2. 6 Point Rock x 10
  3. Zenith x 10 per arm

Repeat the sequence for three total rounds.

Now you are getting the hang of this! We will continue with the Hinge as the focus movement .

  1. Upper Body Only Rolling x 3 per side
  2. Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings x 30 (Light. This could even be unloaded.) x 15 (Medium), x 30 (Heavy)
  3. Deadbug x 10

Repeat this sequence for three total rounds .


  1. Tricep Pushdown x 10
  2. Pushup x (Light set on first round 5-15 reps), (Medium on second round 10-20), (as many as possible on final round)
  3. Hip Flexor Stretch (both sides)

Repeat for three total rounds.

Let’s talk about weight for the suitcase carry. We want it heavy enough to challenge your core’s ability to stabilize but not so heavy it causes a loss in posture or leaning to the side. Most men will be fine between 45-70 pounds. Women, 35-50 pounds .

  1. Hip Thrust x 25
  2. Suitcase Carry x 20 yards right, 20 yards left

Repeat for three total rounds.

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